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Flawless Home Improvements firmly believes in the value of mutual understanding between us and the customer. Building a strong trustworthy relationship with the customer greatly reduces the possibility of discrepancies or misunderstandings.

We urge all of our customers (and potential customers) to read our Terms and Conditions; they’ve been drafted to cover all aspects of our products and services that have a bearing on the completed project.

  1. Quotations remain firm for a period of 30 days from the date given. Any acceptance after this period will be subject to confirmation by Flawless Home Improvements.
  2. A Deposit is required as confirmation of booking, it is non-refundable.
  3. If we are on site and customer don’t want us to work that day because of any reason, a fee of $500 will be added to the invoice. We will not be liable for any delays or damages caused by either client, supplier or other trades.
  4. Power and water to be supplied by client – access by easiest means.
  5. Please review carefully with the job and outline what the costs cover, it may cause extra  if any unexpected works occur. Our supervisor is able to give a fixed cost on site or extra cost is based on $60/hr if our supervisor is not able to offer a estimate price at his knowledge.
  6. Flawless Home Improvements has “no refund” policy. We can not refund your deposit or progress payments in any case. There are no refund on the material we order and obviously time has no refunds, so we don’t offer any type of refunds, however we warrant our workmanship for the duration of 12 months from the work completion date. Written claim needed if anything wrong happens within a year. Flawless Home Improvements is not liable to honour any claim after first 12 months. Warranty on wet area is voided if waterproofing is not done by Flawless Home Improvements.
  7. We will not be liable for any loss, injury or damage directly or indirectly caused by us, our employees or agents to any person, property or thing during the course of our work. Its clients responsibility not to give access to his/her family members and aware us of any existing property damage. Customers are advised to stay away from the area until the work is complete.
  8. We accept no responsibility and give no guarantee where non standard types of tiles and materials are being used by clients.
  9. Customers must pay 50% in advance and 50% within 3 business days after completion to the nominated bank account written on the invoice. Advance payment is deemed as acceptance of the invoice and of the terms and conditions. If we don’t get the remaining 50% within 7 business days after the completion date, your invoice will be forwarded to debt collection agency and an additional administration and collection fees will be added to the invoice. $80 Admin fee plus a 25% Collection fee (of the outstanding payment amount). It will affect you credit history.
  10. All materials used and fitted is subject to payment of all amounts owing and do not become the property of the owners until receipt of payment in full. The owner shall have no claim against us, our employees or agents for damages for trespass or any other right or claim upon the property merely for the purpose of recovering the gates and fences from the owner when monies remain due or unpaid in our opinion.
  11. Acceptance of the Terms & Conditions gives permission to Flawless Home Improvements to use any photos of the completed works for any marketing material and marketing sign on the fence for 30 days.
  12. The client must ensure an adequate supply of tiles.
  13. Flawless Home Improvements is not responsible for tiling not to perfection if the tiles are in different shade, bad shape, or other condition beyond of our control.  It is owners’ responsibility to check all the tiles are in a good standard prior of commencement of project.
  14. Customer is required to provide a clear instruction about which tile & grout goes where if there is more than one type of tiles supplied by customer.
  15. The client must provide adequate onsite storage for materials and equipment to avoid damage and pilfering.
  16. Flawless Home Improvements will not rectify any defects, which were not caused by Flawless Home Improvements, without notification in writing from the client.
  17. Should the client decide to terminate the works, Flawless Home Improvements will be reimbursed by the client for work already carried out and any other expense incurred in connection with the Works. Flawless Home Improvements may, due to serious failings by the client, terminate the Agreement by providing a written notice of termination to the client. Flawless Home Improvements will be reimbursed by the client for work already carried out and any expense incurred in connection with the Works.
  18. Any suspicion of damage in the property by Flawless Home Improvements staff should be notified to site supervisor immediately. Our site supervisor is required to take further investigation about who cause the damage and find repair solution if required. under no circumstance, customer is allowed to step into the matter and take in charge at  work-in-progress stage.
  19. We will not be liable for the cost of any repairs or damage that may have been caused by structural defects in the building.
  20. Customers must allow the newly laid tiles, screed and waterproofing to rest for at least 24 hours before walking on them to ensure they don’t get damaged or cause movement. Any repair will be extra, paid by customer.
  21. If you think that our work is not upto your standard, please contact our supervisor and we will try to fix any problem you might have. If our supervisor thinks there is a problem we will do the repairs or remove faulty tiles and lay new tiles. New tiles have to be sourced and paid by you, we will pay for all the extra labour and material.
  22. Any Materials supplied by customer should be delivered prior of commencement of project. Tile doctor reserve the rights to charge extra for the waiting and delay , under the circumstances job is delayed beyond of our control, eg: Plumbing, tile, fitting & fixture, any delay caused by customer, 3rd party person or company or due to shortage of materials, customer must pay 90% of the invoice and remaining 10% after completion.
  23. Under no Circumstance that customer supervise our workers which makes workers uncomfortable and stress. Under no Circumstance that customer give instruction to our workers how to do work. Always contact our supervisor for any issue.
  24. Flawless Home Improvements reserve the rights to walk away from the project in case of breach such as use of foul language and make our staff uncomfortable, Customer is unable to pay for the account balance within an agreed term etc.  until a further discussion between both parties to reach an agreement. Flawless Home Improvements is not responsible for any loss caused by the work delay. Under any circumstances, if an agreement can not be reached by both parties, Flawless Home Improvements reserve the rights to charge customer what’s been done.
  25. Customers must not discuss pricing with tradies working on your job. Please talk to management on 1300 825 278 if costing needs to be discussed again. Customers must NOT do any type of cash exchange with flawless tradies or hire them directly for any other job.
  26. Customers must speak to site supervisor and tell them their expectations from the job beforehand to avoid any misunderstandings, if any problems please call management.
  27. Flawless Home Improvements will not be held responsible for any theft or missing items from your property. Customer must remove and secure expensive items from site prior to starting our work.