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Factors Which Differ The Cost Of Tiling

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cost of tiling

Tiling is essential in all the modern homes. It is essential for new homes or during home renovation. Therefore the cost of tiling has to be factored in whenever one wants to build or renovate a home. Some of the areas that require tiling include bathroom, rooms, living area and walls. Since it all requires money, there is need to know the factors which differ the cost of tiling in these areas. Here below are some of the common factors.

Area to be tiled

There are two dimensions that have to be looked when talking of the area to be tiled.

  • Area Size

This is the size of the room or the place to be tiled. It goes without saying that the bigger the area, the more expensive it costs to tile.

  • Specific Area to be Tiles

There are different areas in a house that require tiling. All these areas are not same in cost even when the area is of the same size. For instance, bathroom tiling is a bit expensive than room tiling because there is need for waterproofing and sealing that is not needed in a normal room. Likewise, floor tiling in a room is expensive than wall tiling due to the hardness in cutting the floor. Living rooms that have odd or uneven layout cost more than square or rectangular ones.

Type of Tile

There are different types of tiles that can be used when tiling a house. Depending on the customer’s preferences, the cost can either be higher or lower. Glazed ceramic is the cheapest you can find. This is mostly used in rooms and bathrooms. But where there is need to show class, people tend to use more expensive tiles such as glass tiles and mosaic tiles which are placed on the walls.

Tile Size and Shape

The standard tiles size is 30cm x 30cm. If you are using any size apart from this, the price must be a bit higher. The shape also determines the cost of tiling. The complex shapes will definitely be more expensive than the normal square shapes.

Site Preparations and Extras

There is more than just placing the tiles in the floor or walls. There has to be site preparation to enable the tiles be set well. If your tiles are placed on a smooth, level and new concrete slab, you will definitely pay less.


Posted on February 23, 2015

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