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Professionalism is always required in any professional engagement between a client and a company. Commercial Tiling is a service offered in Melbourne that requires the professional engagement of a specialized company. Turnkey Renovations Melbourne is a commercial tiling company offering a wide range of tiling services in Melbourne.

The professionalism of this company is mainly boosted by a dedicated team of qualified staff. The staff members are qualified in various disciplines to provide services to the ever growing customer base. Talking of customer base, the company has established its root in both old and new clients seeking its services.

Knowing well there are different needs when it comes to tiling services, the company offers a wide range of services as mentioned below here:

  • Residential Projects

We offer tailored services that give residential properties new look. The updates needed for your kitchen, bathroom, rooms and even garden are known to us and we work promptly to give them the best look they can have.

  • Commercial Projects

We have been actively doing commercial projects for different organizations within Melbourne. Our unique work has been noticed and appreciated by all these companies.

  • Interior Design

We are not limited to just tiling properties, we also offer interior design services that are also needed. We have interior specialists in our team who ensure that every minute detail of your house is considered in the plan.

Other Services include:

  • Full bathroom refurbishment
  • Water proofing
  • Floor preparation
  • Silicone sealing
  • Sealing of stone tiles
  • Office building

Our Specialty

We are experts in tiling services having been in this field for over 15 years. We deliver on projects as stated in the specifications. Our qualified craftsmen are trained on following the given specifications. The specifications are given by our clients upon our advice, therefore, making the whole project client centered.

If you are looking for a tiling company in Melbourne to deliver on quality tiling, simply call 1300 825 278 for any query or specialized price quote.

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