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Turnkey Renovations Melbourne

Superior Tiling and Stone Work

Turnkey Renovations Melbourne has more than 15 years experience servicing not only the commercial sector but also the domestic sector by providing a diverse range of tiling and stone solutions. We can proudly say that we are one of the best company providing tiling services in Melbourne. Experienced and talented tiling team is ready to work on any residential or commercial tiling or stone project with customer service our first priority and quality of work is something we always believed in.

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About Us

Turnkey Renovations provides residential and commercial tiling services in Melbourne, Australia. We have over 15 years of experience in delivering quality services to different people and organizations. Our team is made up of energized individuals who enjoy working on different tiling projects. In the beginning, our focus was on servicing the domestic sector mainly by delivering interior and exterior tiling solutions, however in recent years our capability has also extended into servicing the commercial sector.

What do we Offer?

At Turnkey Renovations, we offer a variety of services that include wall & floor tiling or any stonework. This is our area of specialty and we can comfortably say that we are one of the best companies offering these services in Melbourne.

Why choose us?

There are a number of reasons why you should choose Turnkey Renovations for any of your tiling and stone work needs including:

  • We Offer Quality Service

Our dedicated team is more focused on offering quality work rather than just finishing the work. At Turnkey Renovations, we guarantee customer satisfaction. For that reason, we involve you in all the stages of our tiling work so that everything is tuned to your needs.

  • Vast Experience

We have over 15 years of working experience so we know that the difference between good and superior comes with the small details. We do take proud in what we do and that encourage us to achieve the highest standards in any tiling or stone solution. 

  • Offer Free Advice

We offer free advice to our customers. Having been in the tiling industry for long, we make suggestions to our clients on the colors and type of tiling that may fit their residential or commercial properties.

  • Our Mission

To provide complete tiling and stone solutions to our customers from initial planning, design and implementation.

  • Excellent Customer Relations

Our customer care service is always there to reply promptly to any of the issues raised by clients. Our customer care staffs are highly trained on this service.

Turnkey Renovations Melbourne offers you the best option when it comes to your tiling needs. You can easily reach us on 1300 825 278 to start enjoying our professional services.

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